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Tuition-Free Public School | Kindergarten–11th grade.

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Tuition-Free Public School | Kindergarten–11th grade

Employment Opportunities

Staff, Parent and Student Survey

Staff, Parents and Students,
It’s that time of year again where we need to get your survey completed to better help us continue to grow and improve our standards.
Please select the appropriate survey and complete it by May 31st.




Open Positions : 
MA has multiple open positions for immediate hire.  
If you have a teaching certificate for any grade level/ subject area and/or, in the program to attain one, please send your resume, letter of recommendation, and official transcriptions: to aluck@umcesp. com. 


Welcome Students to the New School Year!


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Open Enrollment is April 22nd-26th 2024.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance to Multicultural Academy. Please make sure your contact information recorded is correct and current. Once you are notified of acceptance to Multicultural Academy, we will require a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunizations before your child can start school. When you turn those things into the school during our open house window, we will then ask you to fill out a records release to be sent to your child’s old school.  

Re-Enrollment is currently open.  It is important that this form be completed and returned to the school. Failure to return/submit this form by this date may result in the loss of your child’s place for this school year.

Don’t hesitate to call 734-677-0732 for any assistance. You are welcome to call the school and set up a tour appointment prior to enrollment.

**Please Note**                                                                                                                                                                                                                 If your child was born on or before December 1st, 2019, the parent or legal guardian of the child may enroll the child in Kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year if the parent or legal guardian notifies the school district in writing that he or she intends to enroll the child in Kindergarten. You will be given a Kindergarten Waiver at the time of enrollment.

Applications are currently being accepted. If we have more applications than slots available, a lottery will be conducted, and wait list established.

Please fill out one form per student. 


Open Enrollment is now going on.  Please re enroll your student/students before May 31st, 2024 in order to secure their spot for the upcoming school year.


MA school supply list

Thank you
Mrs. Mohana MukherjeeDas

Dear Multicultural Families,

Following the Mask-Mandate Announcement from CDC and Washtenaw Health Department, Multicultural families and staff may now make individual decisions regarding masking based on their own circumstances.  Multicultural Academy will support students and staff members in their choice to wear a mask, or not, during school hours.   It is my expectation that we treat all students and staff members with respect as it relates to their personal choice on whether or not to wear a mask while at school.

While students have the option to wear masks at school, the same is not true of the bus.  The federal mask mandate is still in place for buses, so please be sure to remind your student to mask up while riding the bus to and from school each day.

However, any staff or student is mandated to wear a mask if :

  *   Recovering from any illness which includes but not limited to fever, cough and cold
  *   Have been in close contact with a Covid-positive person.

There are many things that can be done to keep our schools, homes, and communities “COVID-19 free” and protect ourselves and loved ones:

  *   Children and adults should stay home when ill.
  *   Washing hands often with soap and running warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  *   If a hand washing station is not available, use hand sanitizer properly. Gels, rubs, and hand wipes must contain at least 60% alcohol. Dispose of wipes in the trash after use.
  *   Practice Good Respiratory Etiquette (cover a cough with elbow versus hand).
  *   Follow guidance for wearing a face covering and social distancing.

If you have questions, please contact our school main office at (734) 677-0732

Who We Are

Our diverse community celebrates students from around the world in a safe, welcoming environment with one-on-one and small group learning for students needing extra support.

Tuition-Free K - 11th

Multicultural Academy is a tuition-free public school with curricula for K through 11th grade

ELL Program

We offer an English language program for students who are new to the U.S. and the English language

Free Transportation

We offer free transportation to students to and from school with pick-ups in the Dearborn area.

What Makes Us Great

Everyone is welcome at Multicultural Academy. Our diverse student body is what makes us special!

Welcoming Atmosphere

Everyone is welcome at Mulicultural Academy. Our diverse student body is what makes us special!

Supportive Faculty

Families come to Multicultural Academy for the one-one-one and small group attention our faculty provides.

Safe, Suburban Campus

Multicultural Academy is located on a secure campus surrounded by nature and safe from outside distractions.

Free Lunch & Breakfast

You can't learn when you're hungry, so all of our students are eligible for the free breakfast and lunch program.

Family-Oriented Environment

We treat our students like family and welcome their families to get involved and be part of their child's education.

Arabic and Spanish Speaking Staff & Faculty

40% of our faculty and staff speak Arabic and/or Spanish, making communication for students and families easier.

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