Our dedicated elementary and middle school staff has created an exciting, student oriented curriculum that encourages both independent and group work allowing students to express themselves and develop their unique talents while learning basic educational concepts.

Aligned Curriculum

Multicultural Academy utilizes the Kent County Curriculum Crafter Tool, a teacher-created, standards-based curriculum developed to enable students to master the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  In addition, content from the Engaged New York Curriculum is available to provide support and enhance instruction in the core academic areas.


Our content consists of an aligned, written and online curriculum for use by teachers in various instructional settings. Curriculum mapping with pacing guides, multiple resources and best practices are also employed.


Instruction at the Academy consists of curriculum that is correlated to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in grades K – 11.  Instructional strategies are executed through weekly lesson plans that incorporates the use of technology with center-based, blended and collaborative learning opportunities for students. Staff, grade level and Title 1 Intervention meetings are held weekly to provide opportunities to discuss and evaluate student progress.  School Improvement and support meetings are held monthly for opportunities for collaboration and strategic planning.  Teacher observations are conducted twice yearly; once during the fall and again in spring.  Professional development is offered throughout the academic school year to provide the Multicultural Academy staff with the competencies needed to meet the academic and social needs of our students.


Students at the Academy in grades 2 – 11 are assessed using the NWEA Assessment in the fall, winter and spring in Reading and Math to determine academic growth for the school year.  Students in grades K & 1 are assessed in the fall and spring.  The M – STEP, which replaces the MEAP and mandated by the state is taken by students online in grades 3 – 8 during the spring.

Data from our student assessments drives our decision making. Student data is shared with teachers, parents, students and our Board of Directors.

Academic Intervention

Academic interventions are offered throughout our school day to “bridge the achievement gap” through our Response to Intervention (RTI), Title 1 and ELL programs.  Students are provide academic support individually or in small homogenous groupings by our intervention team or ELL teacher.  Student progress in all academic areas is monitored throughout the school year.